BARITONE SAX - Chris "Fortissimo" Finch


Deceptively straight looking, one blast from his massive horn will turn your duodenum to jelly.


Imodium available from merchandise stand.

TENOR SAX - Loud and Lively Lamma


Founder of the band and has been known to produce a ten flapper. 


You can't help but notice his warm salty sax serum sliding into your cochlea


 Dynamic Dave

Latest (and youngest) member of the band.

His rich, powerful voice and cheeky, cherubic looks deliver dittys you just have to dance to.


Luscious Laura


The only female member of the band, her lyrical melodies will enhance and tantalize you.

She's hot, so you'd better get up and dance.


'avin it Andy

Looking sharp a razor, his Trumpet Tribulations will cut straight through to the two tone bone in all of you.

Shiny head and shiny boots, you'd better listen when he toots.


Metronomic (Aussie) Mike

Solid as a rock and the backbone of the band.

His beastly, brain-battering basslines are often known to trigger an irresistable primeval urge to dance.


Arpeggiated Adam

Mutated in an industrial piano factory accident, his teeth have been replaced by ivory and ebony.

Listen out for episodes of his pedal-depressed pan-chromatic resonance,


TomTom Tim

Slick and tight, the generator behind the band, he delivers a devastating dynamic into every tune in the set.


If you don't dance now, you just 'aint got rhythm. 


Synergic Steve


The granddaddy of the band, effortlessly shatters hands with his polite handshake.


Effortlessly gilding the set with his blistering solos he exudes a harmonic glue that will keep you stuck to the dancefloor.


Two Tone Tony

Tony lives and breathes ska.

Touting a tonal tapestry to taunt and texturise, his offbeat aural offerings tie up this ten-piece nicely.